NOE Sushi Bar

NOE Sushi Bar fuses extraordinary traditional Japanese gastronomy with the Ecuadorian palate, complemented by a truly creative and visually artistic presentation.

Everyone who enters NOE Sushi Bar is shrouded in an ambience of art and pleasure. In a cozy space that is personalized and attentive to detail, the seduction begins with the menu: the colors, combinations, and names of the dishes captivate both your eyes and your stomach. Noe Carmona, the artist, executive chef, and partner, lets his knowledge and inspiration flow to create 70% of the choices that are offered at the restaurant.

Considered the best Japanese-Ecuadorian restaurant chain, NOE Sushi Bar offers an exquisite diversity of plates, changing constantly. Its plates are unique; they have their own personalities, each more superb than the last. As a result, they awaken one’s curiosity and impulse to try new things.

NOE Sushi Bar was a dream shared by Noe Carmona, María del Carmen Borja, and Pino Fiorentino. The three gave the restaurant life and now lead a team of more than 700 honest, committed, and proud collaborators who work in this restaurant chain, which currently has twelve locations in Quito, Guayaquil, and Cuenca.

Excellency is the norm at NOE. That is the secret to its prestige. The highest standard of quality is held in each phase of product reception, storage, production, packing, and preparation

Their domestic and international providers are qualified and certified. In addition, they have a high-tech plant for processing to guarantee the permanent maintenance of cold chain packaging, allowing the products to maintain their texture, freshness, and flavor.

The unique characteristics of NOE Sushi Bar are retained in each of the country’s locations. Noe Carmona refers to them as if they were his children: there is no favoritism; all of his restaurants are equally important and each merit the same attention and dedication. He reads cookbooks daily to prepare the plates and meticulously follows the steps, word for word.

But quality also means constant change to improve and maintain clients’ expectations. Periodically, NOE publishes a revised menu in which he lists the chef’s suggestions and various salads, soups, hot appetizers, traditional and special rolls, sushi/sashimi, temaki (cone-shaped sushi), special combinations, tepanyaki/teriyaki, seafood, meat, desserts, drinks, etc.

NOE’s clients “are friends satisfied by the quality of the product and excellent service. They’re our marketing and publicity advisors who have suggested the opening of new locations, and with that, the growth of our business,” commented Carmona.

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