The Savor Experiement – Day 3

I like to keep things simple.  I believe there is beauty and elegance in simplicity.  Thus, when I am researching topics related to The Savor Experiment, I tend to give more credence to the simple answers.  I am finding that people are starting to ask me questions.  This is great because it means people are interested in hearing what I have to say although I am clearly not a nutritionist.  I am a journalist though, and, as such, I tend to like to get to the bottom of things.  Moreover, I like having the right, albeit simple, answer.

So the question I was asked was is Stevia an acceptable replacement for sugar?  My answer is NO.  Artificial sweeteners are actually worse than sugar for the most part.  Stevia has been marketed as a natural sweetener, but most products with the Stevia name sold in the grocery stores are anything but natural.  I am not going to go into the myriad of reasons artificial sweeteners are bad (you are free to do your own research), I am just going to leave it at advising you to leave them out of your diet.


Although this is about the official Day 3 of the Savor Experiment, remember I had a “trial week” to get acclimated to my new regimen.  I would suggest anyone that starts a diet do the same.  Although it is more a psychological process, I liken it to having a rolling start in an automobile race.

Today was a very emotional day.  Usually when I have a day like I had today, I find myself snacking quite a bit.  What I really like about the food served at The Vegetable Garden is, it is not only healthy, it is delicious, too.  On top of that, I haven’t been getting cravings like I normally do and, although the day was one of the most emotional I have ever had, I stayed away from the snacks for the most part.

I also weighed in today because I had not weighed in since I got the new scale last week.  Today the scale read 284.8 for a total loss of 9 lbs.  While this may seem amazing, remember at the start of any diet, if you are drinking the amount of water you are supposed to, you are losing, primarily, water weight. Whatever caused this precipitous drop in my weight doesn’t really matter to me as long as it isn’t a ring worm or some other type of parasite.  Needless to say, I was stoked by the progress I have achieved so far.  Tune in tomorrow for Day 4.


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